There Will Be Blood, 2007 / Paul Thomas Anderson

there_will_be_blood_ver4I guess it’s quite safe to say any movie with Daniel Day-Lewis in it is a treat for eyes and mind. Respect to the man for taking his time with choosing every project he gets on, doing his research, not sparing his body and psyche anything… and above all, for his undeniable talent. There Will Be Blood… now he’s Daniel Plainview, an early 20th century business animal, tapping into the oil industry that is just starting to burgeon…a strong-willed, cunning and hard-boiled character, mercilessly pursuing the American dream, with all means allowed – or not – by law. That’s the facade I guess… but to me, his real, dramatic, inner conflict is with his responsibilities as a father to a boy he adopts after the real dad, a worker for Plainview in his early endeavours, gets killed under the oil rig. It’s not the last death or heavy injury sustained in the rough reality of the oil business, through which Plainview navigates his way with a bull’s determination. A driven man, he seems to have in him this little grain of humanity and tenderness, that is visible only in the scenes with the little boy. After another bad accident on the oil rig, however, the relationship with his son starts going downwards, dragging Day-Lewis’s character towards the inevitable conclusion of the movie. And that’s a gut-wrenching closing scene, but one quite worth sitting through…

Now to Paul Dano’s character, Eli Sunday… Even though Dano admits playing opposite Day-Lewis gave him no chance but to elevate his game, he is a fine actor in his own right. He has his way of staring people down, his own quirkiness and psychotic influence on the men who face him. As Plainview stands – in rough definitions – for oil, and Eli stands for religion, they both stand for power, for the striving for power and influence that is part of the American dream, and maybe not only of it, but of many a dream. The parallels to the current world are there for everyone to make and think upon. But the great thing about the story is it’s powerful to start with, and then – told in a very straightforward way. Day-Lewis enjoyed the level of freedom afforded to him and the rest of the cast by Paul Thomas Anderson… he speaks about being open to, allowing a state of chaos to occur, in which to search for the true performance. It is quite inspiring to realize such open, brave view of film making has wielded as a result a film like There Will Be Blood.

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