The price of civilization

“In contrast to the civilized view which elevates man above the animals, the primitive had an instinctive belief that he was subservient to the primal pact between the beasts of the jungle and the beast of mystery.
To the savage, dread was the natural result of any invasion of the supernatural: if man wished to steal the secrets of the gods, it was only to be supposed that the gods would defend themselves and destroy whichever man came too close. By this logic, civilization is the successful if imperfect theft of some cluster of these secrets, and the price we have paid is to accelerate our private sense of some enormous if not quite definable disaster which awaits us.” — Norman Mailer, “An American Dream”

Is “getting away with murder” one of the main (unspoken) principles of the American dream, or the Civilization dream? I think I might be getting finally what the book I’m reading is about. But let’s see…

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