One of the Kings

The one it was not OK to like but you did…love is a feeling…alone in a harshly-lit room with face glued to the sub-woofer…rhythm in the bass, rhythm in the heart, something unknown but close…first steps into a new world, you took them with him…the trickling and whistling noise of the cassette on auto-reverse…keep it down cause it’s time for bed, but no, I want to fly away through the roof…a short flash from the frown to the smile…they’ve got a role for you…you lived for a round number, they say twenty was wasted, as you wasted away…skinny as a toothpick…brainless ghosts on a TV show, laid over lame music…double autopsy…the world is still hungry…loaded with millions they apologize for now…sorry for not saying sorry…but be in peace, we’ve started to forget everything else, cause we only remember the music, the music, the music…RIP, Jacko.

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The personal website of director Ivaylo Minov

I am a Bulgarian-born filmmaker working between Sofia and London. Over the last six years, I have been directing TV commercials for agencies like DDB, Leo Burnett, Lowe Swing, Publicis, Huts JWT, Demner Merlicek & Bergmann. I have worked for a wide range of clients – from mobile telecoms through charities to a viral campaign for a presidential candidate at the 2011 elections in Bulgaria.

I have a film making diploma from the London Film Academy, following a BA degree in Journalism by the American University in Bulgaria. I have worked in media and theatre, before discovering my passion for film making and turning it into a full-time devotion.

Find me at:
liaminov (at)
0044 7757 428696 (UK)
00359 886 880564 (BG)