Let's watch children die!

Two of the bastions of objective journalism, the BBC and Sky, have fucked it up again. Over the past two days both corporations decided against airing a video appeal by the Disasters Emergency Committee (www.dec.org.uk) for donations for bomb-stricken, aid-hungry Gaza Palestinians. The argument? It’s not an objective thing to do from a journalistic standpoint. The fact is, the military conflict is at least temporarily over, and all the pointless discussions about who is right to wage war on whose neighbours are put on the backburner, while the humanitarian crisis has to be dealt with without delay. Another fact is, due to its much proclaimed objectivity and sick neutrality, the world has had to sit and watch children die, unable or not allowing itself anything more than “widespread condemnation” and carefully worded hints of “war crimes”. As much so that we can say “Hey, we said something!” Well, like after any other disaster, natural or human-induced, it’s time to pick up the pieces, count victims, scratch our heads, and, well, help in a tiny tiny way. With money, basically, if this is the one thing we are capable of. So airing an appeal to help ANY of the two warring, suffering sides (I guess it’s fair to say one of them suffered just that bit more) has nothing to do now with objectivity of coverage. It’s come down, belatedly as always, to the moment when we can show our limited capacity for humanity. It has nothing to do with political commentary, though the fuckheads that govern the BBC and Sky should be presuming a film that probably (I haven’t seen it) shows backgrounds of half-destroyed buildings and crying people would make the very important Israeli lobby feel discriminated. Then again, they didn’t shy away from airing footage of the conflict while it was still ongoing, red-hot and juicy, mmmm…Such thinking is plain sick, and comes to show just how low the journalistic profession tends to sink, sometimes, these days. And please, BBC bigwigs, don’t tell us you’re stuck between the nailhead and the hammer, because as “top”, hard-news journalists there is where you’re supposed to exist, thrive, resist pressures and take fucking decisions more often with your empty heads, but sometimes with your hearts as well. Or have you forgotten that journalism was listed under Humanities at university?

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