Fan-dom and breathing masks

Time to be honest – I’m somewhat of a “serial fan”. I love sport, and I do support several teams and players from different sports (Liverpool, Beroe, Phoenix Suns, Bulgarian volleyball team, Agassi, when he was around, etc.). But I find it hard to read the news on teams when they are not good news! Liverpool loses, and the next day I’m looking for the Suns score. If the Suns won at the same time, I’ll spend most of my sports-reading time on the NBA web page. Stay away from the gloom of the Liverpool news on the various football pages I follow. So I’m naturally attracted to news of winning. Maybe a bit more than being truthfully attracted to my favourite team. So, in this regard, I’m lucky the Suns have started the season great, against all expectations – including mine. They are 7-1 and playing sweet basketball. At the same time, Liverpool have apparently blown their season apart, totally unable to win. The only news I’m looking for on Liverpool is the sacking of the manager – so they can start winning again (or, at least, so that the hope can be back) and I get attracted to their news again! Wicked…

Was walking down the street from work the other day, passing by several people with breathing masks on. The swine flu has several casualties here in Bulgaria, so maybe it’s natural. But I was thinking – people here never used to wear them before. We never used to succumb to media scaremongering before. I’ve always associated breathing masks with western news. So maybe we’re more civilized, more advanced now that we wear breathing masks. It’s such a non-Bulgarian thing to do…

Do our fears grow stronger as we grow older? I think yes. Or at least, we acquire new fears. That’s not cool. I’m fighting against it myself. Everything’s cool. The world’s gonna end, maybe, but still, man – everything’s cool. For real.

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