Apocalypto, 2006 / Mel Gibson*

apocalyptoAnother Mel Gibson epic, a metaphor for and a parallel world to our current civilization…a bit too in-your-face at times…do not blink though, for fear of missing the jaguar’s jaws clamping on a human head, a skull crushing against an underwater rock, plenty of beheadings, flesh-piercing arrows, tomahawks busting bones, giving birth underwater, great make-up (some of it must have been real), great animatronics, great jungle sequences. The main character truly reminded me of Anthony Kiedis, another good reason I quickly took up to him. A straightforward chase-movie (very speedy, on foot!)-come-revenge flick, at least it felt like this. Camera was great (four of them actually, one steadycam which keeps extremely busy) – that is to be expected, but not taken for granted. One problem was: maybe not enough time was dedicated to showing how a civilization cracks from within (the Maya) – they were presented as a grotesque freak-show, true, but to a distant National Geographic-schooled viewer the Mayas were impressive, very impressive, but in a National Geographic kind of way. That might not be Mel Gibson’s fault though…we might have known too much in advance. Anyway, maybe a take a bit too one-sided and hence cruel on the Maya, but I guess you have to take a side, it’s entertainment after all, and you need bias to stay with a movie. Recommended, especially to men – see it and you’ll know, or even feel – we were savages once. “Do not fear,” the main character’s father said just before a key moment in his own life.  What I’ll try to remember:  Do not fear not finding an inspiration…

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